You can just work with one man, local, and face-to-face.

New Designs or Updates, Facebook/Twitter, SEO, Photography

Some businesses simply do not need to pay for the services of a full-on design agency.
Some business people like to deal with the man himself; call him, see him, understand each other.
All the very latest web/mobile thinking is local, it is Dorset Web pages

This year mobile devices out-numbered static devices searching for your business on the Web.

So, if you have a site, take a look at your page(s) on a mobile phone, or a tablet.
Do they WORK? Can you click the buttons? In many cases, the answer is "No"
And if you're anything like me, you didn't bother too much to try -

You navigated away . . .

get Found!

Google . . . or any other search engine for that matter. & Social-media integration

Mobile friendly

Have a site that JUST WORKS, no matter how it's being looked-for.

Updates built-in

If you want a change, tell me.
24hrs later - it's done.

Past & existing local sites

Southern Counties Engineering

This site is split into topic pages (this is their marine division), each dealing with a different aspect of this company's work. Notice the emphasis is on WHAT IS DONE (so, searchable) - who knows the company name in a search?
Fully responsive, non-cluttered - works on wide-screen PC's, tablets, Mobile phones

Shell Bay marine

Fully responsive, clean, fast-loading site, gallery pages and links to separate data-rich desktop version via custom contact icons, call from site (mobiles) code included.

TV Blog

This site accepts comments (and allows the owner to authorise them, or not).
User content can be added without my intervention.
Adverts as well - this site makes money for the owner.

Old-fashioned Guest-House Website

Location photos, accommodation photos, price-list . . . . you name it, it's all in here.

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